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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this blog and newsletter for?

We are facing an unprecedented crisis in education today. Parents are beyond stressed with how to deal with online learning, unhappy kids, and excessive screen time. My blog is intended to help parents everywhere feel more confident in dealing with these problems. I will answer questions, provide guidance, and help parents make their kids 21st century ready. My expert advice is 100% free.

What is included in the Premium membership?

Premium members receive access to our library of engaging, skill-building student learning paths that require no parental oversight. There are lots of great educational resources out there, but for most parents they take too much time and energy to implement. My student learning paths require minimal parent preparation, and memberships include realtime student support. You no longer have to choose between becoming a homeschool manager or filling time with TV and movies. Enjoy on-demand learning your kids can do with their friends and can’t get enough of. Subscribe Now →

Can I ask Woj questions or request blog posts?

Premium members can ask Woj their questions and request blog posts. Our content is meant to be interactive and cover our member’s most pressing issues. You want your kids to be career ready, but don’t know where to start? Your kids are under-stimulated at school? Your kids lack motivation? You are feeling stressed or overwhelmed with parenting through the virus? We answer these member questions and more every week. Become a premium member to help steer the focus and contribute your tips to the member community. Subscribe Now →

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